It’s 2016 – almost every business has (or should have) a website and some kind of social media presence. But that’s not all a business owner needs these days. To stand out from the crowd and stay competitive, successful businesses know they need a good mobile app.


 The key to an effective mobile app is finding a good developer. But what should you look for when you’re shopping around? Here are five easy ways to tell you’ve found the right app developer for your needs: 

  •         Your developer should be able to show you their previous work. App development is an art just as much as it is a science – and like any good artist, your potential app developer should have past work readily available to show you. You should also look for an app developer who has experience designing apps specific to your general industry. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect as the developer’s final product for you and your business.
  •         Your developer should be someone accessible. And that means accessible in every sense of the word: Your developer should be easily reachable by phone or email, and they should also be someone with whom you can easily communicate, person to person. Communication between designer and client is a huge part of the app development process, and it also determines how happy you’ll be with the finished product. If you feel you can’t communicate your needs and vision to the developer, there’s a good chance you won’t like the app you end up with.
  •         Your developer should have positive references. References are a quick way to get a general idea of what you can expect all throughout the development process. Ask specific questions when you contact the designer’s references. Was the app finished on time? Was the designer accessible and easy to talk to? How did the designer react when the client asked questions or requested revisions? Was the client happy with the app they got? When it comes to such an important element of your business, you should expect positive reviews of any designer you’re considering working with.
  •         Your developer’s vision should be compatible with yours. This doesn’t mean you should walk in to your first meeting expecting your designer to read your mind. This means that the developer’s vision should be clear, flexible, and considerate of your own vision as well. Look for a developer who can clearly present their specific goals for the app.
  •         Your developer’s goal should be your happiness. Ultimately, the developer’s job is to give you a finished product that you’re proud of and happy with. Make sure your developer is considerate of your desires for the app, and that they’re willing to work with you to ensure you’re pleased with the finished product.

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It’s probably happened to you before. You see a great ad or hear some rave reviews from a friend about a local business. You’re excited – from what you’ve seen or heard, this place is exactly what you’ve been looking for.


But when you pull out your phone and do a quick search, you come up with nothing. This place has no website – it might as well not even exist! You eventually find out about a similar business online and go there instead.


We’ve all felt the disappointment that comes with discovering a great business has no online presence. In 2016, running a business without a website is a risky, almost irresponsible move. You miss out on revenue, potential clients, valuable marketing opportunities, and your competition (who do have websites) end up benefiting from your negligence. Within the next few years, it’ll be just as irresponsible to run a business without a mobile app.


So what’s so important about a mobile app? Here’s why it’s something your business absolutely needs:


·      An app helps you stand out from your competition. If it’s between you and another company, you better believe an app will put you over the edge. It’s a safe bet that your clients (and potential clients) use apps frequently in their daily lives – they know an app means convenience, simplicity, and efficiency. Make it easy to connect and do business with you, and clients will respond.

·      It’ll help build brand recognition. When your clients use your customized app, they’re getting your brand the way you want them to see it.  Your logo, color palette, everything they see when they use your app – it’s all a part of your brand. Building brand recognition promotes customer loyalty, drives sales, and puts your business at the front of your clients’ (and potential clients’) minds.

·      You’ll look better than your competitors. Looks aren’t everything, but a streamlined, intuitive app goes a long way. Who would you rather do business with – a company that has an app to make the most of your customer experience, or a company that can barely maintain a website? Your business’ attention to detail and commitment to client experience says a lot to potential customers.

·      You’ll connect with your clients like never before. Mobile technology means your customers can reach you when they need you – whenever and wherever they are. When they have your app on their mobile device (something that’s with them almost 24/7), it means your business is on their mind every time they see your app’s icon on their screen.

·      Your clients want one. For taking care of almost every need, from scheduling appointments to ordering products, apps are just convenient – and consumers are all about convenience. Consider your own life – chances are, you use apps at least a handful of times every day. Your clients are the same way. Give them what they want, and your business will reap the rewards.



At METIK Marketing, we know what makes a winning app, and to date we’ve created over 500 customized apps that speak for themselves. Our team offers complete design and development solutions tailored to any industry. Give us a call today at 844.446.3845 to see what we can do for your business! To stay up-to-date and in-the-know, don’t forget to “like” our Facebook page.

Friday, 25 March 2016 17:45

Top free ways to market your app

Congratulations! After much hard work and anticipation, your business is ready to debut its new mobile app. It’s streamlined, efficient, intuitive, and you’re confident that it’s just the thing you need to take your company to the next level.


So…what happens now?


The next step is the most fun, but it can also be the most work – marketing. Of course you want everyone to know about your company’s latest addition, but how can you market your app without breaking the bank? Here are our top, totally free tips:


·      Create a demo video. Whether it’s a six-second long Vine or a more in-depth YouTube tutorial, going through your app feature by feature is a great way to familiarize clients with your new tool. A demo video may also help you attract new customers, since the more content your business distributes online, the more likely it is you’ll reach more of your target audience. The video doesn’t have to be long or overly detailed; a few minutes of basic demonstration should be more than enough to get your audience interested.

·      Make sure there’s a QR code. QR codes are bar codes that, when scanned with a smartphone, takes the user directly to either the Android or Apple app store, where they can download your app. You can put a QR code on virtually anything, from business cards to flyers to websites, and everything in between. Include your app’s QR code on a few of your company’s marketing materials for a sure-fire way to score some downloads.

·      Prioritize it on your website. You can also make a website specifically for the app itself, but there’s nothing wrong with advertising it on your company’s main website. Put it on your homepage and it’ll be the first thing visitors see.

·      Send a message out to your emailing list. This is exactly what emailing lists are for. Spread the good news to your clients with a short, concise email that gives them the rundown of the app, tells them how it’ll help them, and provides download instructions.

·      Write a blog post about it. If your website has its own blog, there’s no better place to post about your new app. You can provide your own thoughts, share how you hope the app will benefit your clients, and invite them to leave comments about their experiences.

·      Promote it on social media. Don’t neglect Facebook and Twitter. Update your pages consistently with details about your new app. You can also make a separate fan page for your app and invite friends to “like” it. Social media is also a great place to post those QR codes!

Creating an app is only half the battle. The other half, marketing, doesn’t have to be difficult. Let our team at METIK help you spread the word about your new app. Contact us at 844.446.3845 today  to get started!