If there’s one thing that’s singlehandedly revolutionized the way we do business, it’s the Internet. There’s almost nothing that can’t be done with a click of a mouse these days. Clients can do everything from placing orders to scheduling appointments to contacting customer service, all from the comfort of their computers.

 For business owners, the advent of the Internet and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has made it easier than ever to reach out and market their companies to potential customers.


 But in the midst of the digital age, here’s what these tech-savvy business owners don’t know: There’s a tried-and-true way to market your company that involves no fancy ad campaigns and no elaborate marketing materials. All it takes is just a satisfied customer spreading the word around.

It’s called word of mouth marketing (WOMM), and it’s still the most effective form of marketing out there. According to Forbes, 92% of consumers trust endorsements from friends and family over any other form of marketing. Word of mouth marketing can be anything from a friend recommending a brand to his buddies at work, to a customer posting a glowing comment on Facebook about a service or product they’ve used. If it’s from a fellow customer, other potential consumers are far more likely to trust their word over any kind of professional marketing tactic.

So why isn’t everyone using WOMM?

But if that’s true, then why the focus on websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts? Many business owners have simply gotten used to social media doing the work for them. They’ve placed too much emphasis on gathering “likes” and “fans” instead of connecting with clients – and their business pays the price.

How do you use WOMM to connect with customers over social media?

 The three E’s are the staples of word of mouth marketing, responsible for virtually all the success you’ll enjoy by following them.

  •        Equip. You want your market to be talking about you, but first, you need to give them a reason why. What do your customers need, and what does your business offer that meets that need? Show them that not only do you meet whatever need this is, but your product or service actually exceeds it, too.
  •        Engage. What are your customers saying about you? How can you address these comments? With Twitter, you can easily respond to questions, thank users for praise of your product, and address concerns. Out of sight really is out of mind. Make an effort to keep up with your customers’ lifestyles.
  •          Empower. So you’ve given your customers reasons to talk. What now? The next step is to show them that their opinions are important and influential to your business. How you do that is up to you – just as long as your customers can feel like they’re a part of your company’s growth and evolution.

What’s the point of WOMM?

A Bloomberg Business contributor discussed his own experience with WOMM.  Almost ten years ago, he started a college test prep company out of his own apartment with $5,000. Using word of mouth, he saw his firm expand by 50% every year, and was even able to launch his business in Asia and Europe. 

There are hundreds of WOMM success stories out there, but it all comes down to this: Ideally executed, WOMM will encourage discussion, generate interest, and entice potential customers on a widespread level.  

How do I take advantage of WOMM for my business?


With all you stand to gain from successful WOMM, it’s crucial to have the support of a team who can show you the ropes. METIK Marketing has over a decade of experience in the tax industry, and we’re proud of our clients’ success using our WOMM strategies. Contact us at 844.446.3845 to explore how we can help your business grow by word of mouth today.

Though many optimistic business owners would like to hope their work or product speaks for itself, the fact is that most companies just can’t survive without certain marketing materials. These essentials will help your business to both establish itself in a new community and reinvigorate its presence in your area as well.

 Here are the top four marketing materials your business can’t succeed without:

  •         A website. Your business’ presence online is just as important as its physical presence, if not even more so. A professionally designed, well put-together website allows potential customers to find your company easily, navigate your list of services and products, place orders, and contact you. A well maintained, regularly updated website will appeal to clients like nothing else.
  •         A logo. When it comes to logos, the rules are simple: Don’t design it yourself, and make sure it’s one you’ll be happy with for years to come. Your logo is how your clients will identify your business – changing it frequently will confuse clients, an using a poorly designed one may make clients less likely to want to do business with you. Contact a professional graphic designer in order to come up with a logo that you’ll want to represent your business for the foreseeable future. Clients will associate quality logos with quality work.
  •         A brochure. Brochures are a marketing staple. There’s no easier way for customers to find out what your company does and what it can offer them. Again, quality design is vital. Clients should be able to tell at a glance what products and services your company provides, what your pricing is, and how to contact you. Brochures are the simplest way for clients to gauge whether or not your business is worth working with.
  •        A short video. Like commercials, a video should tell customers in a short, snappy way what you can do for them. Videos are typically posted on your company’s website for clients to view. They have all the information that a brochure provides, but in a way that may be more interesting or easier for people to absorb. Videos are a great way for clients to get a taste of your business for less than the price of a commercial. Again, it’s important to work with a professional in order to get the highest quality video possible.

At METIK Marketing, we have over ten years of experience creating high quality marketing materials for companies like yours. Give us a call today at 844.446.3845 to see how we can help you. To stay up-to-date and in-the-know, don’t forget to “like” our Facebook page.




Running a business is expensive, and the more competitive the industry gets, many business owners think they have to pay more for their marketing strategies to stand out. But that’s a costly misunderstanding.

When it comes to marketing, don’t mistake expense for quality. Here are four tips for marketing on a budget.

1) Spice up your style with infographics – that you make yourself. Visuals are extremely powerful, especially when it comes to digital marketing. But you don’t have to pay a pro out the nose to get what you want. There are a number of websites that offer high-quality infographic templates that you can then customize to your business and style. By making infographics yourself, you’ll save money, and with the ability to customize virtually every aspect of the graphic to your liking, you’ll also likely end up with a more pleasing result.


COST: $0

2) Host a workshop or seminar. Opening up your business and offering your expertise to the community is a great way to meet potential clients and get the word out about your company. This workshop can be about anything on which you feel comfortable sharing your knowledge (and which ideally relates to what your business does).

MATERIALS: Flyers (to advertise); light refreshments (optional)

COST: $20 - $90

3) Publish articles on a relevant website or magazine. They don’t have to be essays, but they do have to be informative, well-written, and interesting. By publishing these articles on sources beyond your own website or blog, you’ll reach a much larger and more varied demographic and establish your company’s credibility.

MATERIALS: Your knowledge and industry expertise; a computer

COST: Depends on the website/publication – $0 - $85

4) Sponsor a sports team. You’ve seen Little League jerseys with business logos and names on the front – that’s proof that these small-but-mighty mini-billboards are effective. This is a win-win for your company: you’ll be supporting the local community and spreading your business’ message at the same time.

MATERIALS: T-shirt printing shop

COST: Depends on the shop, design, and quantity – $50 - $90 

Marketing doesn't have to break the bank. At METIK Marketing, we know all about affordable, effective marketing. Give us a call today at 844.446.3845 to see how we can help you. To stay up-to-date and in-the-know, don’t forget to “like” our Facebook page.


Whether you’re just starting out in the tax industry or have been around for decades, it can be hard to tell fact from fiction when it comes to marketing tips. Here are a few common marketing misconceptions that could be keeping your tax business from total success:   

  •          MYTH #1: “We don’t need marketing – our product/service is good enough by itself.” With that attitude, your business is likely to fail very fast. There’s no product or service in the world that doesn’t benefit from positive marketing. Even if your company seems off to a lucrative start, without a solid marketing strategy, you’ll soon see sales start to plummet, your client list will plateau, and you won’t bring in any new business. Why? Because no matter how satisfied your clients are, the word simply won’t circulate as it should without some prompting. Think of your business as a living organism. What happens when blood circulation is cut off to a limb or extremity? That area of the body will start to decay. It’s the same with marketing. If you deny your business a solid marketing strategy, you’re cutting off a critical resource that your company needs to survive.
  •          MYTH #2: “I need to keep changing my business’ marketing tactics or people will forget about us.” A rule of thumb: If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. It can be difficult to build marketing momentum – so if your business’ tactics are bringing in clients and boosting sales, then they’re doing their job. Many potential customers need to see your marketing multiple times before they respond to it – but if you keep changing your core marketing strategies, you’re losing those potential customers over and over again. You can still update and improve your business’ marketing, of course – but changing it completely on a whim is never a good idea.
  •           MYTH #3: “Changing the way my business markets will lose customers!” Dangerous in its own way, this is the opposite of Myth #2, and it’s what suffocates many businesses whose owners are afraid of change. You shouldn’t change your business’ successful marketing strategies for no reason, but at the same time, you shouldn’t hold on to outdated, ineffective strategies, either. Change can be just what a stagnant business needs. For example, if you’ve noticed sales have plateaued or dropped, a new strategy (ad campaign, TV spot, public workshop, social media contest, etc.) could attract new clients, rekindle public interest, and reach new audiences.

Don’t let marketing myths keep your business from succeeding. Let the professionals at METIK Marketing set you straight with our innovative and effective marketing solutions. From brochures to banners to websites to apps, and everything in between, we have everything you need to take your tax office to the next level. Give us a call today at 844.446.3845 to see what we can do for you!

Summer doesn’t just mean sizzling temperatures and sunshine – if you know what you’re doing, it could mean some great marketing opportunities, too. Here are a few ways to get started:

  •         Don’t sweat the weather. Triple-digit temperatures are no one’s idea of a perfect day, but if there’s one thing that’ll help cool anyone down, it’s a good deal. Start a summer promotion based on the weather – for instance, if the temperature is 100 degrees or more, customers receive a $10 discount on purchases over $100. If summer brings a lot of rain for your area, rainy day deals can help pull potential clients in and boost sales.
  •            Take your business out and about. While it’s tempting to stay in the office and revel in the AC during the summer, keeping indoors all season could mean missing out on potential customers. Explore what outdoor events your area offers this time of year. Whether it’s block parties, street festivals, or some other local community get-together, setting up a small booth for your business close to the action will spread the word about your office, attract attention, and boost sales.
  •          Take advantage of holidays. Labor Day and the Fourth of July are just a couple summer holidays that double as great promotional opportunities. Show off your business’ patriotic side with Fourth of July deals for armed forces members and their families. Plus, summer is full of funny, lesser-known holidays that would make for attention-grabbing marketing campaigns – such as National Hot Dog Day in July, National Joke Day in August, and National Comic Book Day in September. Get creative!
  •          Play host. Whether it’s a barbecue, picnic, or cookout, hosting an event is a great opportunity to meet newcomers, talk up your business, and allow your current customers to mingle with potential ones. If hosting an event alone seems daunting, team up with another local business or two and double (or triple) your guest list.
  •           Do some community service. What’s even better than making a difference in your community? Making a difference in your community and getting some good PR while you do it. By organizing a service event, such as putting together care packages for deployed troops, hosting a bake sale, or taking part in a walkathon, your office will give back to the community while generating some positive word-of-mouth at the same time.


Summer doesn’t have to be a drag – with the right marketing tactics, it can be one of your office’s most successful seasons. Give our award-winning professionals at METIK Marketing a call today at 844.446.3845. With our experience, talent, and passion, we can take your tax office to the next level.